tristram tsara roundabout appreciation society 

Was That Aspect More Exact?

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trans. Wellard Richmother

Was That Aspect More Exact?

What of physical description? Position something 

in physical days; particle of 'be' define.

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individual uncertainty.  Einstein involved the 'the'.

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uncertainty, appears: satisfactory.  Probability works. Probability

description of precision scientists' majority behaviour, 

explained observations of those doubters who accept 

statistics. There, the probable 'the' force

is an 'a'. One games theorist's

Principle of Quantum Characteristics, rigorously terms

'statistical' that 'fully visualizable to "population"…'

The Tzara Tralala Arrangement

(6)(1/10)2 tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la

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contradiction. Lips thou hauntest Tzara. In
the Professors "poem", principle rhythmically flowers.
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constituted humide LA meadows, Marcel, qu'on
arrangement, poem painters lyricism, literature and
tones pose; put follow mes. Zoology?
Words pour lunaires, as Bear allowed.
The random-bag-words wanted none, however;
the 54 denunciations table something: Manheim.

Autour: Tzara

Dada introduced 'Chance' most explicitly into literature... 

I composed three 'cut-up' poems using a variation of Tristan Tzara's 'random bag' method of composition (the poems are constructed with the object of completing 'lines' or sentences that make grammatical sense, but using words chosen at random.